Privacy Policy



I am pleased that you are visiting our website and would like to thank you for your interest in my organisation and my site. Protection of your privacy when using my website is important to me. Please note the following information in that regard:

I only enquire personal data on my website when you want to send me an email which I have to reply on.

The personal data that you have given me is only processed internally and used internally for the administration of the service offer in question. This information is not accessible to third parties nor do I pass it on to third parties in any form. Merely when are obliged by a law or by means of a court decision to do so, we disclose the information.

All I find out is the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you are visiting me and the pages of my website that you view. This information is analysed for statistical purposes. You, the individual user, remain anonymous.

Due to technical reasons single pages of my website produce cookies. However these are not saved but are deleted at the end of an online session, respectively deleted automatically when the browser is closed. No personal data is gathered with it.

To provide you with optimal information, my website contains links to third-party sites. Insofar as links of this kind are not obviously recognisable, I point out that they are external links. Sports-Physiotherapist, Stefan Düll has no influence on the content and design of other providers’ websites. Therefore, the guarantees in this data protection statement naturally do not apply to those sites.