Towards success with sports-physiotherapy!

As a sports-physiotherapist, I offer support specifically tailored to meet your individual expectations regardless of whether you do sports as a professional, an amateur or as a leisure activity.

I offer a wide range of sports-physiotherapeutic therapies in order to help you reach your sporting goals.

Whether it is in order to optimize your training methods, for rehabilitation after injuries and/or surgery or for optimal preparation for competitions - together we can work towards your goals.


What is sports-physiotherapy?

Sports-physiotherapy is not only applied in order to treat existing sports injuries and restricted movement but it also offers you the chance to improve your fitness and prevent illness by means of sporting activities. For this reason, it plays a vital role in today’s “non-drug” rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

I am working according to the physiotherapy guidelines of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and am a holder of the license DOSB-Sportsphysiotherapy, a license being a prerequisite for nomination as a physical therapist for Olympic Games, for the World/European Championships and for working with the national teams of the German Football Association (DFB).



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